Classically-Infused Folk, Rock, Jazz instrumental guitar.

“Outstanding guest artists support Wood’s musical vision without compromising his clean, melody-driven guitar sound. Contemplative and at times mesmerizing and relaxing  without putting you to sleep.”

  • Ken Baker, Radio Kansas, producer of “Nightcrossings.”

Guys With Guitars 

5 years ago, I started a concept called "Guys With Guitars." The idea was to have several solo artists performing live and on stage together. I took the idea of the concept from the old Windham Hill concert series. Currently, the show features myself, Darren Frate, and Patrick Woods. We each play our own solo tunes, but then have the chance to collaborate on fun tunes like this one:

Classical Music in CLE 

On Tuesday, I was invited to perform by Classical Revolution Cleveland at the Happy Dog Euclid Tavern. Love seeing so many awesome musicians... mostly classical, but you get some non-classical, too. Thanks Ariel for doing such a great job hosting this event. 
I'll be at the next one at Happy Dog west-side this coming Tuesday the 20th.

Check out the impromptu interview i did...