Cellocentric: Classical meets Jazz, Folk, & World Music, featuring Guitar/Mandolin, Cello, and Bass”

Project Name

In 2014, Doug Wood, with friends and collaborators Darren Frate (bass) and Tara Hanish (cello) recorded the Cellocentric CD. In 2020, the Cellocentric Album earned "Third Place" in the 2020 Just Plain Folks "Best Instrumental Album" category. 

Doug took the concept of the collaboration and performed as the group Cellocentric from 2014 through 2020. After Tara moved to the east coast, Doug performed as Cellocentric with Cleveland musicians Arleigh Savage (bassoon) and Carolina Borja (cello).The style of Cellocentric fused their cross-cultural backgrounds into a form of original music that attracted lovers of world, jazz, and classical music alike.

The award-winning CD can be streamed on all the normal platforms, and downloads can be purchased online at:


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